EmpowerU Career Coaching, LLC offers strategic career coaching, effective resume writing and professional development services. I implore you if you are looking for career related services, including resume writing, interview coaching, and much more to visit my website, read the career related blogs on my website and check out the awesome services I have available to assist in helping you prepare for an effective job search.


    Not knowing what your next career move should be, can be scary. Many professionals discover that their career does not properly align with their goals, passions, and true purpose and are now looking to discover a career that better suits their goals and aspirations.


    I understand the feeling because that is what happened to me. After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, I realized that although I understood the concepts and material, I didn’t have a desire to work in a laboratory or a zoo or an aquarium for the rest of my life. So, I enlisted in the Army Reserve (now a Commissioned Officer) to serve my country because I knew wanted to help people, but in a different capacity. At the time I was unaware that a career coach would have helped me figure this out, and so it was years later when I was introduced to resume writing and eventually career coaching, that I knew I had found my fit.


    When working with clients who are wanting to transition out of the military or make a change in their current career, or who, perhaps, are seeking to begin their career, I help to gain clarity of their career goals.


    We’ll look at values, dreams, passions, strengths and interests to understand what will work best for your personal and professional life. Once the goal is clear we’ll develop a plan, a path, to move you forward toward your dream job so you can wake up every day excited to start your day!


    The personal attention and assistance received by clients of EmpowerU Career Coaching have resulted in hundreds of job seekers being able to submit resumes and job applications that result in an exemplary track record of interviews and job offers.


    Teknesha received a B.S. in Biology from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and an M.S. in Management from the University of Maryland University College. For more information, please check out her LinkedIn profile here.











    Founded in 2016, EmpowerU Career Coaching is a Female-Veteran owned an operated career coaching business.


    We specialize in career mentorship, effective resume writing, interview coaching, professional development and successful job searching strategies for transitioning military, veterans, college students and entry level professionals.


    EmpowerU Career Coaching takes the stress out of job searching and gives clients valuable skills they can use in their professional careers for a lifetime. Resume writing is a craft and a skill. Let us take the stress out of it by crafting your personal resume. We specialize in writing, Civilian, Military and Federal Resumes. We give you the knowledge and tools to empower you in your career.











    Awesome service. I needed assistance with writing my resume because I was so tired if it being overlooked, so I reached out to EmpowerU. With me being in a different state I thought it would be very difficult but she exceeded my expectations. She was very professional and response time was very prompt. After my resume was updated, I was able to snag the career opportunity that I really wanted. Thank you so much!! - TeAnna G



    "I have worked with EmpowerU to help me get my resume back on track after working at it myself for a year or so. I believe the strategies and big picture view helped me get better at understanding my weaknesses and strengths and how I can apply it in real time. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this company and I am extremely excited about what the future holds in my job search."​​ - Ronald T

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    "Ms. Robinson is very professional and her services are outstanding. I utilized her services for a Federal Resume and a Corporate Resume. Both are very detailed and overall superb! You will not be disappointed." - Cynthia Granville



    "Ms. Robinson's writing ability and attention to detail are phenomenal!" - Tiffany Hart



    "I have worked with EmpowerU to help me get my resume back on track after working at it myself for a year or so. I believe the strategies and big picture view helped me get a better understanding of my weaknesses and strengths. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this company and I am excited about what the future holds." - Ronald T.




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