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Which Way to Go?

5 Effective Job Searching Tools.

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When you start your job search, a question you may find yourself asking is: “Which way to go?” With a growing number of online job-finding resources and tools, making the decision on which ones to use can be overwhelming. You may think your best bet is connecting with colleagues on LinkedIn, but here is a list of other job search strategies and tools to utilize.




While looking for a job, your biggest concern will often be making the best impression on potential employers. Keep in mind, the employer needs to impress you just as much. With websites like Glassdoor, you can look up the company you’re interested in and read reviews from current employees on everything from salary range to company culture. This can be a useful tool to help narrow down your list of dream companies and cross off the ones that don’t fit your goals.


Interview Prep


Acing an interview is just as important as putting together a killer resume (if not more important). Your resume gets you in the door, and your interview helps you sell yourself in person. If you find yourself getting rejection letters after an interview, you may want to polish your skills. Read this article for ways to make a great impression at your next interview. If you are interesting in learning how to ace every interview, reach out to Empower U Career Coaching ; a professional career coaching company for hands-on practice.


Tell Everyone You Know


Your next career opportunity could be right in front of your nose! Don’t be afraid to tell friends, family members, and former colleagues you’re in the job market. Let them know your interests and experience. Check in with them periodically to see if they have heard of any job leads. A genuine approach works best to keep you in mind when someone you know learns of a position you may be a fit for.


Online Job Boards


Use online job posting sites such as Zip Recruiter and Monster during your search. You can filter results to find openings that fit exactly what you’re looking for. These sites also help to identify hiring trends and use them to your advantage to apply.


Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is a beneficial tool when you’re looking to grow your professional network. Keeping your profile updated with current experience and skills, and including a professional picture, are just a few key strategies to get you noticed by recruiters and potential employers. This how-to provides tips for the most effective ways to use LinkedIn. If you desire one-on-one assistance with creating a standout LinkedIn profile, contact EmpowerU Career Coaching, LLC via email;


Be Prepared to Wait


Even when you perform all of the right actions during your job search, opportunities may not turn up right away. You may engage in correspondence with an employer for a significant amount of time only to find out they decided on another candidate. The toughest part of job searching is waiting for all your hard work to pay off. Don’t get discouraged though. The job that will allow you to use your talents, education and skills is out there for you. Just remember: Do not settle for less than what you deserve!


Written by K. Wright who is a personal finance and lifestyle blogger. She writes about topics including personal development, education, and building generational wealth. See more of her writing on her website or follow her on Facebook.


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